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Freejump airbag

Freejump airbag

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Product description:


    The Freejump airbag is the first riding airbag approved by the NF S72-800-202 standard

    France is the first nation to adopt national guidelines for the production of riding airbags (PPE Personal Protective Equipment). While waiting for Europe to harmonize the rules, the NF S72-800-2022 standard ensures maximum protection for riders by regulating the protected surface, the response speed and increasingly more airbag impact tests.

    The Freejump airbag is the result of innovation and research into absolute comfort combined with maximum safety.

    Horse riding is a dangerous sport even at the highest levels: Martin Fuchs has been wearing it since July 2019 (CHIO Aachen) combined with compatible jackets which make it almost invisible.

    The Freejump airbag is a protective garment designed for horse riding and must be worn close to the body, over even a light garment, so that it is able to protect the rider's vital areas.


    Each airbag is tested individually


    • Carvical, back, lumbar area, sacrum, pelvis, thorax.
    • The cervical area, also wearing a certified cap, has maximum protection.
    • Neck protection calibrated in each size.
    • Continuous protection on the hips for perfect trunk alignment
    • Chest protection adapted in each size.
    • Back protection adapted in each size.
    • Freejump specificity The protection of the pelvis is maximum with the protection of the spine and vital organs thanks to two different heights for the torso for each size.


    Inflation speed 98ms

    The Freejump airbag reaches the pressure necessary in 98 minutes to obtain maximum protection and optimal performance on the impact tests of the AFNOR NF S782-800-2022 standard.


    Fit – unique to the Freejump airbag, with screwed design and 10% perforated fabric for better ventilation

    Fabric – 100% Italian fabric, breathable, soft, elastic and comfortable, the best.

    Support plate – soft to not affect comfort.

    Y -Saddle Cord Buckle – the best mechanism is from freejump! light and stainless also in the hook for the Keyball Leash


    The gas generator used by Freejump is by far the most efficient on the market: small and light.

    Changing the can/cartridge is very easy and without margin for error by following the tutorial and tools supplied.

    There are many articles on the market compatible clothing with the Freejump airbag: compatible means that the airbag can be used under the garment in question and becomes almost invisible. Having been made with specific materials and designs, the garment will follow the shape of the airbag during inflation in absolute safety.

    Two sizes of cartridges available:

    Size 60CC for airbags from size XXS up to L

    Size 85CC for airbags from size LT to XXL


    Do not machine wash, do not dry clean and do not immerse in water. We recommend washing your airbag by hand with a sponge or cloth with mild detergent without rubbing.

    Do not put in the dryer

    Do not iron

    Do not expose the airbag to high temperatures (on radiators, near flames, in closed vehicles in the sun with high temperatures)

    Do not store the airbag rolled up or folded for too long. Use a crutch or the cardboard offered by Freejump in a dry and ventilated place.

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