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Arnica Gel 90% 250ml (MUSCLES AND TENDONS)

Arnica Gel 90% 250ml (MUSCLES AND TENDONS)

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Product description:

  • Arnica Gel 90% Officinalis is a specific gel for muscles, tendons and joints. Contains 90% Arnica extracts;

  • Thanks to the officinal waters patent, the first component of the gel is the extract in water of arnica flowers, in synergy with the glycolic extracts and the mother tincture of arnica. Thanks to Peppermint essential oil, it gives a sense of freshness and relaxation. Super concentrated, active, in a soft, colorless gel that is quickly assimilated by the skin.

  • Arnica montana: spontaneous herbaceous plant that generally grows in the mountains above 1200 metres. The phytotherapeutic active ingredients are contained in the flowers.

  • Activities: anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial; antineuralgic; antiecchymotic.

  • Therapeutic use: hematomas, sprains, muscle and joint pain (rheumatism), furunculosis, insect bites.

  • Uses: useful for reducing inflammation and swelling due to sprains and blunt trauma; to promote blood circulation and produce heat with analgesic effect; in the therapy of rheumatic forms due to the revulsive effect of its active principles.

  • Use and dosage: carefully clean the area to be treated, then spread until absorbed.

  • Curiosity: in popular tradition it is known as "mountain tobacco", because it is used as nose tobacco.

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