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GEL CLASSIC Compensator Front Rise

GEL CLASSIC Compensator Front Rise

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Product description:

  • The Gel Classic compensator with front rise and ecolana profile offers you maximum comfort and support for your horse's saddle.
  • With the anatomically shaped gel, it guarantees optimal stability, eliminating unwanted movements in every direction. Regardless of the shape of the horse's back, the gel adapts perfectly, offering ideal support.
  • The innovative Acavallo® ecolan quickly absorbs moisture, preventing friction and irritation on the horse's skin. It also protects against impacts and compression, making it perfect for long sessions in the saddle.
  • The Classic Gel Acavallo® is safe for the skin, hypoallergenic and non-toxic , allowing the compensator to be used directly in contact with it. Furthermore, the gel can be easily adapted to any type of saddle thanks to its custom cutting option.
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