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PIUMA AIR RELEASE EVA Compensator Front Riser

PIUMA AIR RELEASE EVA Compensator Front Riser

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Product description:

  • The Piuma Air Release compensator in EVA with front rise and half edge in Acavallo® ecolana, a product that combines the innovative technical properties of the EVA material with a front rise and the comfort of ecolana.
  • This compensator was designed to address situations that require lifting in the withers area.
  • EVA is a very light thermoplastic material that offers unique advantages for both the horse and the rider.
  • Thanks to its low profile padding, it guarantees little bulk under the saddle, but is highly effective and breathable for the horse's back, thanks to a sophisticated ventilation and air supply system.
  • The special and innovative structure of these compensators is composed of numerous small bulges with lateral holes, which favor intense, horizontally oriented air circulation.
  • In addition to creating a cooling airflow that keeps the horse's hindquarters perfectly dry, the bulges absorb shock with each compression and release, offering a cushioning effect.
  • The Acavallo® ecolana, used in this product, has the ability to quickly absorb moisture , preventing friction or chafing on the horse's skin and offering protection from compression.
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