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WITHERS FREE Gel Hexagonal Compensator with Memory Foam Back Elevator

WITHERS FREE Gel Hexagonal Compensator with Memory Foam Back Elevator

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Product description:

  • The Withers Free compensator in Acavallo® hexagonal Gel with rear rise and memory foam offers maximum comfort and support for the horse.
  • Thanks to its advanced technologies, this compensator distributes weight evenly, avoiding compression of the withers and preventing any related problems.
  • The combination of the non-slip, shock-absorbing properties and hexagonal shape of the Gel, together with the shock-absorbing properties of the memory foam and the rear rise, make it ideal for situations that require a lift at the back of the saddle.
  • The hexagonal gel structure creates an air cushion under the saddle , adapting to any style and size of English saddles.
  • The central part of the compensator adapts perfectly to the withers and back of the horse, ensuring continuous air circulation.
  • The memory foam molds to the horse's silhouette, distributing surface pressure over a large area and offering the ability to absorb shock, dampen vibrations and regulate body temperature.
  • The Acavallo® hexagonal gel is safe for the skin, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, allowing the compensator to be used directly in contact with it.
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