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Dri-lex dressage seat cover with gel

Dri-lex dressage seat cover with gel

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Product description:

  • The dressage seat cover in Dri-Lex and Gel Classic with a thickness of 10mm guarantees maximum comfort for the rider, thanks to its revolutionary design and its high quality materials.
    Composed of ultra-modern Acavallo ® Gel, it supports and supports the rider's torso, reducing trauma to the horse's lower abdomen and neck in the event of sudden movements.
    The upper lining in Dri-Lex Acavallo® , a fabric that combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers in a composite structure unique in the industry, makes the internal layer dry and promotes the evaporation of sweat.
    Dri-Lex fabrics are designed to enhance the work normally done by nature; in fact, their function is to quickly move humidity in order to keep the body dry and comfortable, giving maximum well-being to the animal.
    The seat cover is equipped with an elastic strap with Velcro that runs longitudinally along the lower part of the saddle and attaches to the cushions, without changing the normal supports of the saddle. The attachment system thus allows the original setup of the saddle not to be changed, while providing the typical elegant design of Acavallo products.
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