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Dressage seat cover 20mm Classic Standard DRI-LEX

Dressage seat cover 20mm Classic Standard DRI-LEX

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Product description:

  • The Acavallo® standard dressage seat cover with 20mm Classic gel-out and Dri-lex in the lower part guarantees maximum safety and comfort for the rider thanks to its revolutionary design, which takes advantage of the unique shock-absorbing qualities of the Acavallo® therapeutic gel .
    Its technical composition, in addition to supporting and supporting the rider's torso, reduces trauma to the rider's pelvis and back area in the event of sudden movements.
    The seat cover is equipped with an elastic strap with Velcro that runs longitudinally along the lower part of the saddle and attaches to the cushions, without changing the normal supports of the saddle.
    In the two lateral parts, the seat cover is equipped with two grip straps that hook onto the inside of the saddle cushions, without affecting their normal positions. The attachment system thus allows the original setup of the saddle not to be changed , while providing the typical elegant design of Acavallo products.
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