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Dressage seat cover 10 mm GEL-OUT AIR PLUS STANDARD DRI-LEX

Dressage seat cover 10 mm GEL-OUT AIR PLUS STANDARD DRI-LEX

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Product description:

  • The standard dressage seat cover with gel-out Air Plus Acavallo® model with a thickness of 10mm, in the upper part, and Dri-Lex, in the lower part, is the perfect choice to guarantee the rider maximum comfort during riding sessions.
    This innovative seat cover takes advantage of the unique shock-absorbing qualities offered by Acavallo® therapeutic gel, allowing the rider to enjoy a more enjoyable and comfortable riding experience.
    The advanced technical composition of the gel not only supports and supports the rider's torso, but also reduces trauma resulting from sudden movements, helping to protect the lower abdomen, back and neck.
    The presence of Dri-Lex on the lower part of the seat cover adds an additional level of comfort for the animal, thanks to its ability to keep the horse's back dry and comfortable even during the most intense activities.
    The design of the seat cover is designed to offer practicality and functionality.
    The elastic Velcro strap along the bottom of the saddle ensures a secure fit without compromising the normal saddle supports.
    The straps with grip on the sides attach to the saddle cushions, ensuring stability without altering the standard positions. This intelligent attachment system preserves the original position of the saddle and contributes to the elegant design that distinguishes Acavallo® products.
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