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Clay "Cool Clay" 2.5kg

Clay "Cool Clay" 2.5kg

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Product description:

  • Cretata for horses with dead sea salts and arnica
  • The energetic astringent and relaxing activity of Cool Clay effectively contributes to the functional recovery of the tendon and muscular system of the limbs. Particularly suitable after intense efforts.
  • DEAD SEA SALTS: the osmotic activity of Dead Sea salts facilitates the elimination of metabolic waste accumulated during work
  • ARNICA: essential oil with excellent toning and relaxing properties.
How to use:
  • Spread an even layer on the horse's limbs against the grain and leave to act for 10-12 hours. Cool Clay can be applied cold without bandaging or by covering the limb with newspaper and then bandaging it.
  • It is easily removed with a jet of water.
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