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TRC VENTO fetlocks

TRC VENTO fetlocks

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Product description:

Front wrap-around knuckle guard.

Suitable for work at home on the flat and on the jump, the knuckle wraps around the entire shin, thus offering exceptional protection also to the front part on all occasions. The heat that is released from the horse's limb passes through the micro-perforated neoprene layer and is distributed in the channeled 3D mesh fabric. Cool air enters from the vent and directs the heat upward. Ventilation is therefore both horizontal and vertical.

To be combined with "TRC VENTO" boots

  • 3D mesh channeled fabric
  • Snorkel
  • Wraparound Aerox micro-perforated neoprene
  • Double Velcro closure
  • Total protection of the limb
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