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"ESHOCK LEGEND NO KILL" eQuick tendon boots

"ESHOCK LEGEND NO KILL" eQuick tendon boots

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Product description:

  • Legend Edition:Made of high quality materials, reliability and durability. Anatomically shaped to wrap around the tendon, protecting against injury and ensuring comfort. Outer shell reinforced with TPU; soft neoprene lining, washable Lycra edges to prevent sores; two fixing points and elastic strap ensure easy adjustment.
  • Exclusive eFluidgel patented technology: The special bubble in the shell significantly reduces the impact that the horse's leg could suffer in the event of a bump thanks to the compression of air and gel and its ability to absorb shock.
  • Lambskin interior called No Kill as it is artificial and extra soft
  • Special system which ensures that the horse's leg does not get caught when jumping.

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