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Product description:

  • The new Mantegna dressage saddle with inclined cantle is a variant of the Acavallo Raffaello dressage saddle.
  • The new inclined paddle offers the rider more freedom of movement. Particular care has been dedicated to the development of the tree which characterizes the Dressage line: characterized by a narrow crotch, it guarantees the rider to easily find the correct position and maximum comfort in the saddle.
  • Persevering technical and practical research has led to the creation of a particularly deep seat which allows horse and rider to merge into a single entity during performance.
  • The supports are designed to guarantee maximum stability to the rider's knees. The large pads provide the necessary close contact with the horse, optimizing the weight distribution on its back.
  • Technical features:
    • Tree in carbon and nylon
    • MAG System®
    • Deep seat
    • Mono-flap saddle
    • Premium full-grain calf leather
    • Long supports
    • Integrated cushions in polyfill®
    • Pallet-saving rubber profiling
    The strong point of the Acavallo saddle line is the revolutionary system for regulating the opening at the withers. The use of the MAG Key is sufficient to adapt the saddle perfectly to the horse's morphology. All this is possible thanks to the innovative toothed mechanism integrated in the tree. A patent that allows the rider to choose the best saddle position in total autonomy, also performing the operation from horseback, something unthinkable up to now with traditional saddles. Four simple gestures to adjust the aperture
    Acavallo® has treasured the experience gained over years of collaboration and comparison with the most important and talented international riders. Aware of the importance of the anatomy of the shoulders and muscle mass of the horse, Acavallo has designed large cushions with anatomical supports to ensure maximum comfort. The materials used are natural and hypoallergenic, capable of adapting and absorbing the stresses of flat work and also the pressures that develop during all phases of the jump.
    Leather, neoprene and felt pockets with polyfill® padding. A soft synthetic wool a soft material that can easily adapt to the shape of the horse's back. Pads with polyfill padding can be regularly modified according to the horse's needs and morphological changes.
  • Info & care
    For an exclusive and innovative production Acavallo chooses only the best materials from the best Italian tanneries. Only eco-friendly hides and skins have been selected without any artificial pigmentation. This complex selection process gives a natural and velvety sensation. All selected components undergo a rigorous quality control before assembly. By their very nature, a series of external factors can cause rapid skin aging.
    To prolong the life of the product and protect it from natural factors, we recommend cleaning the leather regularly with a glycerin soap for leather.
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