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MODIGLIANI Jumping Saddle

MODIGLIANI Jumping Saddle

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Product description:

  • The MODIGLIANI jumping saddle is made of full-grain calf leather. The ergonomic seat and medium depth seat make it extremely comfortable and easy to use.
  • Thanks to the particular composition of the nylon tree, this saddle is able to perfectly follow the horse's movement, thus adapting to the rider's needs.
  • Another important and revolutionary feature of the tree is the MAG system (Micrometer Adjustable Gullet). In fact, with this system it is possible to vary the width of the tree in order to adapt the saddle to any withers and always find the right set-up.
  • The padded latex cushions designed to last over time help absorb shocks and make the seat particularly comfortable for both the rider and the horse.
  • The design is sophisticated but at the same time simple and linear, typical of Acavallo products.
The strong point of the Acavallo saddle line is the revolutionary system for regulating the opening at the withers. The use of the MAG Key is sufficient to adapt the saddle perfectly to the horse's morphology. All this is possible thanks to the innovative toothed mechanism integrated in the tree. A patent that allows the rider to choose the best saddle position in total autonomy, also performing the operation from horseback, something unthinkable up to now with traditional saddles.
Four simple gestures to adjust the aperture
1 Insert the MAG Key in the slot provided
2 Rotate counterclockwise making a
maximum of three laps
3 Adjust the opening of the tree on the horse's withers area
4 Rotate clockwise ensuring complete closure

Jumping and Eventing line
The semi-deep seat allows you to find a functional position and balance throughout the performance, supporting the rider during the technical action. The tree is characterized by a narrow crotch that allows the rider to enter into synergy with the natural movement of the horse.
- Steel/Nylon Composite: Tree made of composite materials with steel reinforcements.

Acavallo® has treasured the experience gained over years of collaboration and comparison with the most important and talented world riders. Aware of the importance of the anatomy of the shoulders and muscle mass of the horse, Acavallo has designed large cushions with anatomical supports to ensure maximum comfort. The materials used are natural and hypoallergenic, capable of adapting and absorbing the stresses of flat work and also the pressures that develop during all phases of the jump.
Leather, felt lining and latex padding. The latex panels guarantee excellent cushioning, and have a good resistance to impact stress resulting from jumping. Furthermore, latex does not change shape and does not lose thickness over time.

The genuineness and naturalness of the leather is subject to the influence of external agents, which can cause premature aging of the leather, therefore we recommend that you regularly clean the leather with a special glycerin soap for leather.
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