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  • Stable Boot eQuick eKristal Aero Magneto are perfect to use as stable boot or as transport protection with magneto therapy, equipped with N35 neodymium magnets and Kristal material.

  • They are a practical solution to protect and support the horse's legs while at rest and during transport. Perfectly shaped to prevent slipping, with extra low protection.

  • The ventilation holes allow effective air circulation. The magnetic field stimulates blood circulation, heals and reduces swelling and inflammation. Consequently, magnetotherapy also accelerates the elimination of toxins and regenerative processes.

  • Machine washable at 30°C

  • The internal lining is in Kristal anti-inflammatory material treated with nanoparticles, an effective and non-invasive system to treat various pathologies (chronic or not) of your horse.

    The nano particles have a direct action on the phospholipidic membrane of the treated part. They are also ideal for wrapping the limbs of horses with traumatic stress pathologies, chronic suspensory ligament damage, annular ligament syndrome, fetlock problems and superficial flexor tendinopathies. In all cases studied and treated by veterinarians, there was a reduction in edema and pain.

  • They also have the property of improving the drainage capacity of inflamed tissues and consequently promoting their healing.

  • The internal padding is made with external eKristal material and padding in anti-allergic and antibacterial wadding. Soft and easily adaptable to the horse's legs.

  • We recommend the use of Kristal AeroMagneto eBoots overnight or for an extended period, however we kindly suggest you seek advice from your vet.

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