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COLISEUM brackets

COLISEUM brackets

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Product description:

  • The "Colosseum" model stirrup owes its name to one of the most famous Roman monuments in the world. The famous Flavian amphitheater rests on a framework of radial walls, a structure which has given the Colosseum its typical shape and stability over the centuries. Specifically, it is this architectural scheme that inspired our Colosseum bracket.
  • A solid bench equipped with a radially propped grip that guarantees excellent foot hold. This arrangement, in fact, keeps the foot stable from any angle, leading the rider and the rider to position it correctly in the stirrup. Furthermore, the shape of the grip ne ensures efficiency even in rainy and muddy conditions, guaranteeing the right stability in terms of foot safety.
  • Weight:400gr
  • Tilt:NO
  • Bench dimensions: 126x65mm
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