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Italian Rider



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Product description:

  • The "Duomo di Milano" stirrups owe their name to the great Italian monument they represent. The cathedral is surmounted by a forest of pinnacles, a typical decorative element of Gothic architecture. where the arches unload the weight. It is from this peculiarity that our stirrups are inspired.
  • A solid bench equipped with a studded grip allows the rider and the rider to correctly unload the weight, so as not to burden the horse's back. The size of the studs and their arrangement guarantee excellent grip when using the stirrups in rainy and muddy conditions and if the foot is not inserted correctly, while guaranteeing the right mobility in terms of foot safety.
  • Weight:420gr
  • Inclination: 5° (helps keep the foot in the right position and correctly unload the weight on the stirrups)
  • Bench dimensions: 126x65mm
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