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Stirrups “ARENA ALUPRO JUNIOR” (Bench 10,5cm) Acavallo

Stirrups “ARENA ALUPRO JUNIOR” (Bench 10,5cm) Acavallo

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Product description:

  • The brand new collection of Acavallo Arena stirrups for children, is based on several years of research, development and success of our Acavallo Arena stirrups. The patented side opening was created using an innovative injection molding technique.
  • The outward opening latch arm ensures safe release in the event of an emergency. The opening of the force-actuated locking and release mechanism is located one centimeter higher from the bench to ensure that the foot cannot slip sideways by mistake and to prevent sand and dirt from delaying the opening action of the arm in case of emergency.
  • Fitted, highly resistant and extra wide bench for maximum comfort during the sports session.
  • Developed and produced in Italy.
  • One size
  • Sold in pairs

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