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FLEXIA brackets

FLEXIA brackets

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Product description:

  • The footrest design allows the rider's foot to always remain stable, offering unparalleled grip even in the most difficult conditions.

  • The rear flex is an active and most innovative feature of this revolutionary product. The footpegs can flex up to 14° rearward, giving and incredible feel while riding. This is more than a suspension system - it increases balance and rider feel in all conditions, even when walking.

  • The front flex is also active and was developed for two main reasons: to give a suspension feel in certain conditions and to improve safety. the footpegs can flex up to 10° forward, this is a lot during jumps and when the rider rolls too far forward.

  • Safety Shape works with the suspension system: when the rider exerts pressure on the front of the footrest, the flexible system drastically reduces the space between the arch of the stirrup and the footrest. Safety Shape is a new concept in safety. With the shape of the arches combined with the special footrests and the Flex system, EQFlexia are setting a new safety standard

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